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passenger and vehicle transports
Surpassing Transport Canada's safety standards

Safe Journeys, Secure Voyages

Crafting Dedicated Ferries for the Secure Transportation of People and Vehicles to Reach Their Destinations Safely

We specialize in constructing passenger vessels and ferries for diverse clients and purposes. Our expertise in building commercial passenger vessels extends to auto/passenger ferries - each meticulously crafted to meet the stringent standards of Transport Canada Marine Safety and, when necessary, to Class specifications.


Our vessel construction encompasses a versatile range of materials, including steel, aluminum, composites, or a combination, allowing us to deliver customized solutions that excel in safety, performance, and durability.

hrm series

Designed for seamless navigation within Halifax Harbour and specifically commissioned for the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, Canada, these passenger ferries play a pivotal role in transportation, catering to the needs of over 3,000 commuters daily.

nstir series

Establishing vital connections between rural communities, these ferries, specifically designed for the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR), play a pivotal role by transporting both passengers and vehicles, serving as an essential link for communities in rural Nova Scotia.

Proudly Crafted: Explore Our Vessels

In the current era, Commercial Fishing Boats, Ferries, and Commercial Workboats demand state-of-the-art craftsmanship. We integrate traditional techniques with cutting-edge technologies, constructing vessels up to 150'/45m using Steel, Aluminum, Fibreglass, and Advanced Composites.

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