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OUR capacity

advanced facilities
excellence prevails in every wave we make

where capacity meets growing demand

With a vast expanse of 50 acres (167,522 m²), A.F. Theriault & Son's shipyard and marine facilities stand among the best-equipped in all of Atlantic Canada.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a first-rate professional workforce, our shipyard can manufacture, repair, refit or convert a wide range of vessels up to 215’ (65m) in length.

Working with aluminum, steel, wood, fibreglass or composites, we are fully qualified for all aspects of new vessel manufacture, repair, refit or conversion. 


We also take great pride in our vessel repair, refit and conversion work, helping our clients maximize the potential of their current vessels.



repair capacity


new build capacity


marine railways


Professional Workforce

Additional key assets at the A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd. shipyard, Meteghan River, Nova Scotia, Canada

advanced maritime excellence

With a sprawling 50-acre total yard area, two quays, an on-site crane, and a dependable power supply for ship-to-shore operations, our facilities lead the standard for excellence in shipbuilding repair and maintenance.

Yard Capacity

Total Yard Area

Yard Size

50 ac.

Square Meters:

202,342.82 m²

Mooring Availability


East Quay
Total length/depth: 720'

West Quay
Total length/depth: 450'

Mobile Crane
Launch Ramp

+ boat trailer

Launch ramp access with hydraulic boat trailer, maximum capacity to 100 tonnes.

Vessel Storage


On-site vessel storage options provide convenient accessibility.

1500 T winch

A marvel of engineering designed for exceptional strength and precision. 

With an impressive hauling capacity of 1500 tonnes, this winch is a formidable force in our operations. Its robust construction and cutting-edge technology make it the ideal solution for hauling even the heaviest loads with unparalleled efficiency.


Redefining the standards of ship repair logistics, our winch delivers unmatched reliability and strength precisely where and when it matters most.


Upholding Top-tier Trade Certifications at A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.

Quality craftsmanship is essential in the boat-building industry, and this is why we maintain the highest possible trade certification.

A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd. is completely up-to-date with all our Canadian welding certifications. We are fully qualified in all aspects of steel and aluminum marine welding, providing peace of mind to our clients and those who will take to sea in our vessels.

Man Welding
CSA Standard W47.1

Certification | Fusion Welding of Steel

A Man Welding
CSA Standard W47.2

Certification | Fusion Welding of Aluminum

Proudly Crafted: Explore Our Vessels

In the current era, Commercial Fishing Boats, Ferries, and Commercial Workboats demand state-of-the-art craftsmanship. We integrate traditional techniques with cutting-edge technologies, constructing vessels up to 150'/45m using Steel, Aluminum, Fibreglass, and Advanced Composites.

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